Shifts are inspired by Sir Galton and his book ...

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Wing made of shuttlecocks
Hexagonal Edwardian oak door nob and London pigeon feathers cut into the shape of oak leaves.
Vintage lace and crochet, buoy, plaser, rope, ship varnish.
Plaster cast of buoy, turks head knot, rope and vintage crochet next piece, mother of pearl button.
The Trunk and the Courtship
Massive sculpture made with black plastic beads.
Rye Bread
Lost wax bronze cast of rye bread and vintage buttons.
Square Cone
Lost bronze cast of altered larch cones.
Up Against It
Wooden 60s side table and pewter-silver alloy cast of horse chestnut shoots.
Flying Rat
The Hunt
Screenprint on paper. The Hunt comprises of over 130 different trees drawn by an array of artists, from modern masters to Constable, Dürer, Cranach and Japanese masters found in the UCL Museum Collection. Malmros recorded the individual trees, traced their outline them, resized some and printed and cut them out. The cut out trees were then made into a big collage, which was then scanned and finally screen printed.
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