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Underpinned by a strong interests in botany, entomology, geometry, history, folklore and pattern, Janne Malmros uses her research and the manipulation of materials to explore how systems and repetitions of patterns, shapes and motifs etc. can be both simple and complexity at the same time, as well as how patterns, mundane manmade ones as well as those found in nature, can be seen as a system by which one can investigate and order reality. Her practice is multi faceted combining an array of techniques and media including print-making, drawing, video, conceptual photographic and sculptural processes. The printed element is often the starting point for a three-dimensional work that employs careful cutting, installation and folding to explore the potential of repeated pattern, volume, space, surface and shadow.

She knows, as curator Simon Gould puts it, "where to stand to get the best view. Whether working with the magnitude of an entire archive of prints and drawings, a floral dress or even a simple shape, Janne manages to find ways in to pique curiosity and allow her audience both aesthetic and intellectual satisfaction.”

Janne Malmros holds an MA at The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL) and a BA at from Central St. Martins School of Art in London. She has exhibited internationally including at The Jerwood Space, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, London; York Art Gallery, York; The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen; Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens; The National Museum, Poland; Skagens Museum, Denmark; Guildhall Art Gallery, London; Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium; Bohuslän Museum, Sweden; The Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul and The Queens Palace, Kabul.


2018  Pandesia | Museum of Contemporary Art | London | UK

2014  Nothing Edures But Change | Andipa Gallery | London | UK

2013-2014  Much Light Strong Shadow | Skagens Museum | Michael & Anna Anchers Hus | Denmark

2012  Shifts & Contrivances | Hürtig/Kany Gallery | St.Kongensgade | Copenhagen | Denmark

2011  In Circles | Den Hirsprungske Samling (The Hirschsprung Collection) | Copenhagen | Denmark

2010  Black-veined White | Acme Project Space |London | UK



2021 Mythologies | Salamis, Greece


2019 Between History & Human Being | The Total Museum of Contemporary Art | Seoul | South Korea 


2019 Parallel Lines |  The Light Box | Woking | UK


2019 Copenhagen Photo Festival | Carlsbergbyens Gallery & Art Salon | Copenhagen | DK


2019 Sixty Years: Women's Art  | Clifford Chance | London | UK


2019 KP Spring Solo |  Kunstnernes påskeudstilling | Kunsthal Aarhus |DK


2018 ABSTRACT METHODOLOGIES | Parasol Projects | New York | USA


2018 Refuse Refuge | York Art Gallery | York | UK


2018 Inspired by Nature | Grizedale Forest Gallery | England | UK


2018 Nature Morte | Guildhall Art Gallery |London | UK


2017 ABSTRACT METHODOLOGIES – Visual Transposition of Cultural Memory |  Beton7 Arts |Athens | Greece


2017 Nature Morte - Artists Invigorating the Still Life Tradition | The National Museum |Poland


2017 ABSTRACT METHODOLOGIES  |  Chokoladefabrikken | Copenhagen | Denmark


2016 Secret Watercolour | Incinerator Art Space | Sydney | Australia


2016 Visual Transposition of Cultural Memory | 5th Base Gallery |London |UK


2016 Nature Morte |  Bohuslän Museum |Sweden

2015 Signal Failure |  Maverick Projects' Safe House I and II | London | UK


2015 Nature Morte: contemporary artists reinvigorate the still-life tradition | Ha Gamle Prestegård | Norway

2015 Relaunch | UCL art Museum | London | UK

2014 Fabric | Oriel Sycharth Gallery | Wales | UK - currated by Janne Malmros

2013 Afghan Contemporary Art Prize |  Queens Palace |Kabul | Afghanistan

2013 Library of Lost Books | Birmingham | UK

2013 Spring Show |  Hurtig/Kany Galleri | Copenhagen | Denmark

2012 Bone | Florence Nightingale Museum | London | UK

2012 Restructured |  Bloomsbury Festival | London, UK

2012 Summer Show | Hurtig/Kany Galleri |Copenhagen, DK

2012 Et Cetera - A reappraisal of the mundane |  Hoxton Art Gallery | London, UK

2012 Group Show | Royal British Society of Sculptors | London | UK

2012 Meanwhile | John Hansard Gallery | Southampton | UK

2012 Spazi Aperti | Accademia di Romania | Rome | Italy

2012 Overview | Frans Masereel Centrum | Belgium

2011 Revisiting Francis Galton |  UCL | London | UK | December

2011 The Gramma of Ornament | Hoxton Art Gallery | London

2011 OrNamenTTokYo |mobile lab | Tokyo | Japan

2011 Surface Noise | Jerwood Space | London |UK

2011 Utopia Project |  Contemporary Greek Art Institute | Athens | Greece

2010  Ink | UCL Art Museum |  London, UK,


2010  The Art of Function | Oriel Sycharth Gallery | Wales | UK

2010 Double Interview |  HUE Art Space |Seoul | South Korea

2010 Loops |  Chelsea Art Space | London | UK

2010 Ways of Seeing | I-myu Projects | London | UK

2010 Postgrad Printmaking in London 2009 | 30th Floor Gallery |Canary Wharf | London | UK

2009 Maddid Nordic Festival | The Space | London, UK

2009 Sequel | Strang Print Room Collection | London, UK

2009 British Land Sculpture Competition | Regent's Place | London, UK

2008 Trace | Schwartz Gallery | London | UK


2008 Flux | Schwartz Gallery | London | UK

2009 Highlights from the Collection of Simon Frank & Robert Suss – London | UK

Other shows include: Another Product – Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK, The Blantons – The Trafalgar, London, UK, Penny Bank Chambers, London, UK, Ten of the Best – Art Reviews selection of graduates, Deluxe Gallery, London,  The Parasites – London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK, Oops – Los 29 Enchufes, Madrid, Spain, Group Show – Camden Art Centre, London, UK


Ma Fine Art | Slade School of Fine Art | University College London (UCL) | London | UK

Ba Hons Fine Art | Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design | University of the Arts | London| UK

Ba | Middle Eastern Studies with Persian | Copenhagen University | Denmark



Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) - London - UK


Library Archive - Henry Moore Institute - Leeds - UK


Skagens Museum, Michael & Anna Anchers Hus - Skagen - Denmark


Medicins Historisk Museum - København - Denmark


Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) - London - UK


Copenhagen University - Copenhagen - Denmark


Frans Masereel Centrum Collection - Belgium


The Franks-Suss Collection - London - UK


UCL Art Museum, London - London - UK


Clifford Chance Art Collection - London - UK


Carlsberg & Tuborg Kunstfond - Denmark


UCL Adelaide - Adelaide - Australia


Alan Cristea Gallery - London - UK


Central St. Martins College of Art and Design Collection - London - UK


Barrett Homes Art Collection - London - UK


Various private collections worldwide




Spotlight Award, Royal Society of Sculptors & Andipa Gallery, London, UK


Gilbert Bayes Award, Royal British Society of Sculptors, UK


Clifford Chance Printmaking Prize, London, UK


Adrian Carruthers Studio Award, UCL, London, UK


The Danish Embassy Art Prize, London, UK


The Anglo-Danish Society Scholarship, UK

The Queens Award, London, UK


Statens Kunstfond/Danish Art Fond - Work production grants

Statens Kunstfond/Danish Art Fond - Exhibition grants

Statens Kunstfond/Danish Art Fond - Travel grants

Statens Kunstfond/Danish Art Fond - Residency grants

Lademans Fond - DK

A. P. Møller og Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond - DK

The Wellcome Trust grant - UK

Bodil Pedersen Fond - DK

Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond - DK

Danish Institute Athens Stipend - Greece

Fonden til Bevarelse af Jeckels Hotel - DK

SP Northern Afghanistan grant - Afghanistan

Ole Kirks Fond - DK

Direktør Ib Henriksens Fond - DK

Rudolph Als Fondet - DK

Oticon Fonden - DK

Booomrang - DK

Knud Højgaards Fond - DK

Otto Bruuns Fond - DK

Rosendahl - DK




2020 Statens Værksteder (SVFK)/The Danish Art Workshops - Copenhagen - DK


2020 Arthub - Copenhagen - DK


2018 Athens School of Fine Art - Rethymno - Greece 


2017 Avnstrup Refugee Camp - Denmark - supported by Statens Kunstfond/Danish Art Fond


2014 Statens Værksteder (SVFK)/The Danish Art Workshops - Copenhagen - Denmark

2014 Feroz Kho - Kabul - Afghanistan - Supported by Statens Kunstfond/Danish Art Fond


2014 Florence Nightingale Museum - London - UK - Supported by Statens Kunstfond/Danish Art Fond


2013 Statens Værksteder (SVFK)/The Danish Art Workshops - Copenhagen - Denmark

2013 Danish Institute Athens - Greece

2013 Jeckels Hotel - Gl. Skagen - Denmark


2013 Skagens Museum - Michael & Anna Anchers Museum - Skagen - Denmark

2012 Scandinavian Institute Rome - Circolo Scandinavo - Rome, Italy


2012 Danish Institute Athens - Greece


2011 Frans Masereel Centrum - Belgium


2010/11 Francis Galton Collection & Archive - UCL, London - UK


2008 Athens School of Fine Art - Rethymno - Crete - Greece


2008 Kurt Schwitter’s Merz Barn - Lake District - UK


2003 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - London - DK



UCL/Hawkins Brown Architects  - Centre of Excellence for Dementia and Neurology (Shortlisted) - London

Orkla & Longovital - Denmarlk

Acme Architects - London - UK


Dais Contemporary - London - UK

Hilton Hotel Group - WW

Third Pamir Expedition - Denmark/Afghanistan


Queens Wharf - London - UK

Clifford Chance - London - UK


Conran and Partners - London - UK

Hill & Knowlton - London - UK


Barrett Homes - London - UK


Fridays Copenhagen - Denmark

Hewlett Packa  - London - UK

British Land, UK (shortlisted) - London - UK

Learned Pig - London - UK


Landsforeningen Spor - Denmark




2017 Nature Morthe catalogue, The Four Domes Pavilion - The National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland


2016 Useful Plants of Wakhan & Little Pamir, Kabul, Afghanistan


2015 Signal::failure2 (Squared), UK


2013 Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life Tradition, Thames & Hudson, Worldwide


2012 Overview, Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium


2011 Surface Noise, Jerwood Space, Parker Harris, UK


2011 Utopia Project, Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Greece


2010 Double Interview, South Korea/UK



Cinemateket - Copenhagen - Denmark



University College London - London - UK

Richmond University, (The American International University), London, UK

Skagen Museum, Michael og Anna Anchers Hus, Skagen, Denmark

Workshop for Art, Copenhagen, DK

Circolo Scandinavo, Rome, Italy

Jerwood Space, London, UK


In Circles, Hirschsprungske Samling, Copenhagen, Denmark

Performers: Jonas Brolin (trompet), Tom Fleming (producer and guitar) -


The Voice & Nothing More – Woburn Square Research Centre, London, UK
Vocalists: Fiona Bevan & Mikhail Karikis – –


IRP Goes Live – Southwark Playhouse, London, UK
Performers: Fiona Bevan (vocals), Richard Thomas (cello)


Notations – Woburn Square Research Centre, London, UK
Performers: Adam de la Cour (guitar) - & Richard Thomas (cello)



2017 ABSTRACT METHODOLOGIES – Visual Transposition of Cultural Memory, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Fabric, Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Wales, UK - curated by Janne Malmros

2013 Afghan Contemporary Art Prize, Queens Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan - assistant




2020 Design Insider Live, Canopy by Hilton Hotel Refurbished by Acme,


2017 Boligmagasinet,

2016 Jyllands-Posten, Livsstil, Victoriansk villa med dansk kunst og design, 27.02.16, (DK),


2015 Clean-Unclean, The Learned Pig Magazine, (UK)

2014 'Fabric' Glyndwr Press, Marts 2014

2013 'Afghan Contemporary Art Prize 2013' - Afghan Scene - dec 2013 issue

2013 'Ny udstilling i Anchers Hus, Nordjyske, juli 2013

2013 Meet Florence Nightingale's Tortoise, The Times, 19.07.12 ­– by John O'Connell|

2012 Shoreditch-gallery-reviews-april-2012 by Sharon Strom,

2011 Jerwood Encounters: A Written Document - by Louisa Elderton,

2011 Vi Anbefaler - Kunst – By Torben Weirup|

2011 Janne Malmros Den Hirschsprungske Samling,

2011 Surface Noise by Annabel Tilley,

2011 Jerwood Space,

2011 Jerwood Encounters Surface Noise,

2011 Revisiting Galton,

2010 Black-veined White,

2011 Ways of Seeing – by Philip Gowman,

International Textiles, Issues 836-842,  AN for Artists Magazine – Artist Talking,




Royal Society of Sculptors, Old Brompton Road - London - UK 

Danske Billedkunstneres Fagforening - Denmark


Andipa Gallery, London, UK -

Dais Contemporary, London, UK -

Royal British Society of Sculptors -

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